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RLI Connect Global – RETAILTAINMENT will be about transforming shopping centres into world-class destinations and it will be the must-attend global deal-making event for 2018, bringing the world of Retail and entertainment together under one roof creating a networking atmosphere unlike any other. From pre-arranged meetings to networking lounges, there will be one very simple objective, to help you do business.

RLI Connect is a sustained platform for doing business and building value through strategic partnerships, on a truly global scale. Finding the right mix of Retailers and Leisure Operators to fill new and existing shopping malls is becoming one of the biggest challenges, and developers are looking for new and innovative concepts to enhance the shopping experience. RLI will attract Retailers, Leisure & Entertainment Operators, Investors, Developers and Shopping mall Owners from all corners of the globe.


The concept of RETAILTAINMENT is an idea which offers more than just the standard shopping experience and will breathe new life into the retail world, this could be the last hope to restore the magic and the lure of the in-person shopping experience to a consumer landscape that is rapidly drifting away”. Shoppers of today are looking beyond a transaction when they enter a store; they want a unique shopping experience and crave a sense of excitement about product discovery. The experiential nature of millennials presents a growing opportunity for malls to add RETAILTAINMENT options to provide them with experiences to increase their value.

There are no conference or panel sessions, RLI Connect Global – RETAILTAINMENT is a focused forum for networking and deal-making, with a combination of moving existing deals along and being introduced to new ones, and the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge with top performers in the Retail and Leisure real estate industry. RLI Connect provides an opportunity to do a year’s worth of deals in just two days – can you really afford to miss out on this unique opportunity to transform your portfolio into convivial lifestyle venues?

The RLI Connect Global event will once again be held alongside the prestigious Global RLI Awards on the 10th May 2018 which continues to attract key global industry figures.