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RLI Connect Global is a sustained platform for doing business and building value through strategic partnerships, on a truly global scale. Finding the right mix of Retailers and Leisure Operators to fill new and existing shopping malls is becoming one of the biggest challenges, and developers are looking for new and innovative concepts to enhance the shopping experience. RLI will attract Retailers, Leisure Operators, Developers and Shopping mall Owners from all corners of the globe. Growing on the phenomenal success of previous events, RLI Connect Global promises to be the must-attend event, creating a networking atmosphere unlike any other. Now, RLI Connect Global is taking this one step further by connecting leading international players with new emerging brands to feed this and other rapidly – evolving markets – markets that offer great opportunities to achieve levels of recognition and respect that may even exceed those that many brands enjoy in their home markets.

There are no conference or panel sessions at RLI Connect Global, just a focused, high-energy forum for networking and deal-making, with a combination of moving existing deals along and being introduced to new ones, and the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge with top performers in the Retail and Leisure real estate industry. In these fast-paced markets, key players have an entrepreneurial opportunity to search for a best-fit match for their project, if you are ready, willing and able to do deals then this is the event for you.

One thing that has been constant and will never change is the need for brands to connect, not just rationally and emotionally with their consumers, but with local partners to create and expand opportunities. RLI Connect Global provides an opportunity to explore expansion plans whilst examining potential client markets across the globe.

RLI Connect Global will once again be held alongside the prestigious Global RLI Awards on the 10th May 2018 which continues to attract key global industry figures.

To secure your package, delegate place, or for further information about the event, contact:Jayne Rafter, +44(0)1706 212200  or email: