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Following tremendous feedback from attendees at our three previous Mall Management Masterclass’s RLI, the world's only global retail and leisure magazine will join forces with Kevin Williams of UK based KWP Limited to host a one day Industry bootcamp during RLI Connect Global, its global retail and leisure deal-making forum, with an added focus on Placemaking. Join us at RLI Connect Global for a unique One Day Bootcamp exploring the latest trends in digital out-of-home entertainment. Shopping centres must innovate in order to differentiate and leisure and entertainment concepts offer malls the ability to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Industry specialist Kevin Williams or KWP, undertakes a far reaching presentation covering the major development in Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment as they pertain to reshaping the retail landscape, looking at the key technologies such as, interactive entertainment, VR and AR - as well as the emerging new opportunities such as XR. With examples of how immersive entertainment is being deployed in retail, and the future opportunities that could revolutionize the sector.

Founder of RLI Connect, Jayne Rafter, said: “Although people still enjoy and prefer to shop in stores, they have become more demanding: alongside all the functional aspects of a shopping trip, they want an experience. This is what retail placemaking strives to deliver – the experience along with the functional and our dedicated one day boot-camp will explore how to achieve this successfully.”

One Day "Immersive Entertainment - Retailtainment Bootcamp' - to include:

Virtual Reality and AR opportunities in retail Immersive entertainment, and audience retention.
Overview of the Digital Out-of-Home entertainment scene.
Deployment of immersive entertainment in retail space.
Entertainment driving brand appeal.

Session one provides guests with an overview of the digital out-of-home entertainment scene, and delves into the need for retail and hospitality to harness the opportunities available to them through immersive entertainment, by evaluating the key trends and innovations within the market. This segment also looks at the deployment of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and the emergence of Cross Reality, and the impact on the future entertainment audience as a whole.

The next session breaks down the core trends in VR and AR, and looks at the current phase of innovation and investment, through the use of real-life case studies and product overviews. The focus then turns to the deployment of the two into retail and hospitality locations, looking at both the opportunities and limitations. An important point during this session is to help businesses understand how to drive and retain new audiences gained through the use of AR and VR, with a look at the next phase of development.

Boot Camp


Session three moves beyond the new hardware and discusses the common practise of deploying immersive entertainment into the retail and hospitality sector. The requirements and restrictions will be discussed as a number of leading attractions have been rolled out globally into the market in recent years. Real-world examples from Asia, Europe, North America and UAE will be examined, charting both their success and failures in an effort to learn best practise.

The final session looks at one of the most far-reaching trends, the use of immersive entertainment as a medium to project well-known brands and intellectual properties into the entertainment market. The session tackles the issues that have been found in deploying IP based entertainment into existing retail and hospitality locations, as well as the hidden dangers of depending on technology to promote a brand successfully. Leading Hollywood movie properties, toy brands and the use of television characters will all be discussed, as well as examples of successful and failed deployments into the sector.

There will be a closing session in which a Q&A will take place, with an opportunity to pose questions around the subject area, with a goal of generating a profitable business in the immersive entertainment arena.


Who Should Attend

Asset Managers / Property Managers
Surveyors / Managing Agents
Centre Directors / Managers
Commercialisation Agents
Marketing Companies
Marketing Managers
Advertising Agents
Events Managers

About Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams has an extensive background in the development and sales of the latest amusement and attraction applications and technologies. A specialist in the Immersive Out-of-Home entertainment industry; well-known through his consultancy KWP Limited; and as a prolific writer and presenter (along with his own news service The Stinger Report), covering the emergence of the new entertainment market. Kevin has co-authored a book covering the sector called ‘The Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Frontier’ – working on the “New Edition” of the book. Kevin can be reached at –

About RLI Connect Global Placemaking

In today’s Retail world trends come and go, ‘Placemaking’ is a much–discussed topic which has become a talking point within the sector. Shopping Centres have become destinations and placemaking is about transforming these destinations into environments that people want to visit and return to. Building on the success of RLI and our deal-making events to date, we will continue to connect leading Retailers, Leisure Operators and Entertainment concepts with Owners, Developers, Investors and prospective partners globally. Bringing together the world of Retail and Entertainment together under one roof RLI Connect Global creates a networking atmosphere unlike any other. From pre-arranged one to one meetings to networking lounges, there is one very simple objective, to help you do business. RLI Connect Global will offer the opportunity to explore their expansion plans, while examining potential client markets.