The event was so well produced and managed; lots of quick introductions that
hopefully will lead to great business. A well worth it experience.
Now Now Events – Vicki Lynn, CEO

I think the format is excellent. Having meetings squared away prior,
with adjustments during the day and capped at 30 minutes –
a fantastic way to go, I wish all trade shows were like that!
Area 15 by Fisher Brothers – Dan Pelson, COO

I met many fascinating people in my industry that I foresee working with in the near future.
JAACRES – Joseph Aquino, President

RLI Connect continues to meet and exceed our expectations.
The quality of attendees and superb organization
that goes into this event makes it time well spent.
Jeff Lind, President

It was a great event where connections were made on all levels, not just the issues at hand. It was great meeting people from the Developer side and I’ve already exchanged a few emails making further connections.
Michael Roth
International New Business Development

RLI Connect is all out quality: the people you get to meet and the nature of the event is direct and to the point – straight down to business. Over the last 3 years I have built relationships with some key players that have started to shape into beautiful partnerships. The key is understanding what your goals are and passing those onto the RLI team as Jayne & her team really care and give 100% to make it work for you.
Pall Mall Barbers – Richard Marshall, Founder

RLI Connect Global 2019 was another successful event. Thank you to the RLI team and management for the efficient co-ordination during the two days of meetings and for extending full support to us.
Chalhoub Group – Suheil Rumhein, General Manager

Once again the RLI team have delivered a very successful Connect Global event. The deal making forum can be compared to speed dating with high level executives from across the retail, leisure and property worlds enabling global deals to be done in just one location. The venues chosen are always prestigious and comfortable. A must networking event with quality key decision makers ready to listen.
NKD Life – Harry Singh, Sales Director

Great event! It’s a pleasure to have been a part of RLI Connect Events for the past 4 years. Without any doubt, we are going to be at RLI Connect Global next year.
Greyder – Burak Essiz, Head of International Business Development

Sincere thanks for the excellent support you provided in organizing and hosting the 2019 RLI Connect Global Retailtainment Event and prestigious Awards Ceremony. The Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, CA was an excellent facility for meetings and deal-making and your efforts contributed substantially to the quality of the meetings. The effectiveness of the interchange was enhanced by the professionalism displayed by the RLI team in providing support and logistics. We believe the meetings were some of the most productive we have had in a conference level setting.
Mycotoo – Corey Albert, Director of Business Development

RLI Connect is the most unique and effective networking event I have attended in over 20 years. Globally focused, targeted and relevant, Jayne and her team rocked it in 2019!
Now Now Events – Curt Doty, CMO

Thank you so much for your hard work and warm welcome to the RLI Connect Global 2019 where you did a fantastic job of arranging meetings and creating a collaborative atmosphere in a beautiful venue. Looking forward to next year!
Taubman – Marc Cohen, Vice President Leasing

After twenty-five years in the industry and attending numerous conferences, I can honestly say that RLI Los Angeles 2019 was one of the most professionally run and elegant events I have experienced. Jayne has such a deep reach across the globe and an incredibly refined touch especially when it came to the Awards Dinner that was beyond impressive. I was just blown away!
SRS Partners – Mike Rielly, Managing Principal

It was a great three day event to network with the top players in retail real estate. The format was excellent, which allowed me to communicate with everyone attending. I was able to generate new business with the pre-set meetings, the networking sessions and the evening cocktails. I will definitely attend again.
Neit Nuñez - International Sales Manager Reed Midem

RLI Connect Global provided the opportunity to meet a number of different prospective business partners we hadn’t been in touch with previously. We enjoyed insightful discussions, thank you for the thoughtful planning and preparation!

Ross Moncur – CEO, Sugarfina

RLI Connect Global provided us an opportunity for a number of face-to-face meetings with a wide range of developers, retailers, brokers, and others, in a relaxed, comfortable, and classically-Californian setting. And it was especially nice for us to have an event like this happen in our own backyard!

Mike Ellis, Principal, 5+ Design

This was the first time I attended an RLI event. It provided a good opportunity to meet with both existing clients and potential new ones in a well-organized and focused venue. I look forward to further opportunities together.