The RETAILTAINMENT phenomenon brings together retailing, entertainment, music and leisure and it is born out of an understand that both retailers and shopping mall operators need to look further than the traditional retail store elements such as colour, lighting and visual merchandising to influence buying decisions. We explore how the atmosphere created by the retailer and the shopping mall can be more influential in the customer’s decision-making process than the products themselves. As goods and services become more of a commodity, it is what a shopper experiences and what atmosphere retailers create that really matters. We show how brand building is a combination of physical, functional, operational and psychological elements. Consumers will be willing to pay more for a brand if there is a perceived or actual added value from their experience of using the product or service.

Join us at RLI Connect Global RETAILTAINMENT, Chelsea Football Stadium – 8th May 2018 for a unique one-day masterclass studying the innovative international inventiveness of RETAILTAINMENT.

Shopping centres must innovate in order to differentiate and RETAILTAINMENT offers malls the ability to distinguish themselves from the competition. Learn from global case studies of how to set your shopping mall apart from the opposition, to increase brand awareness and footfall, spend per head and grow your ERV.